KERMAN (کرمان)(Kermān), province of Iran located between Fars and Sistan va Balučestān; also the name of its principal city and capital. This entry is divided into the following articles:

i. Geography.

ii. Historical geography.

iii. Population of the province, sub-province, and city.

iv. History, pre-Islamic. See ii, above; see also CARMANIA.

v. History from the Islamic conquest to the coming of the Mongols.

vi. History from the Mongol conquest to the Safavids. Forthcoming.

vii. Safavid Period.

viii. Afsharid and Zand Period.

ix. Qajar Period.

x. Pahlavi Period. Forthcoming.

xi. Kerman in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Forthcoming.

xii. Monuments of Kerman. Forthcoming.

xiii. Zoroastrians of 19th-century Yazd and Kerman.

xiv. Jewish community of Kerman City.

xv. Carpet industry.

xvi. Languages.

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