ETTEFĀQ-EESLĀM, “Islamic Solidarity,” a weekly government newspaper which began publication in Herat as of 1 Sonbola 1299 Š./24 August 1920; renamed Faryād in ʿAqrab 1301 Š./November 1922. After being suspended for a month and a half by the government of Ḥabīb-Allāh Khan (Bačča-ye Saqqā), it resumed publication under original name on 15 Ṯawr 1308 Š./5 May 1929, issue no. 7/20. It became a daily on 1 Mīzān 1322 Š./23 September 1943 and continues to be published. Ettefāq-e Eslām mainly concerns itself with the local news in Herat and neighboring provinces.

Its first publisher/editor was Mollā ʿAbd-Allāh Qāneʿ Heravī, who also filled this position at three other times. Other early editors were ʿAbd-al-Karīm Aḥrārī, Ṣalāḥ-al-Dīn Saljūqī (under whom the paper was renamed Faryād), Ḡolām-Sarvar Jūyā, and Moḥammad-Hāšem Pardīs (under whom the paper became a daily). The longest serving editor thereafter has been Mīr ʿAbd-al-ʿAlī Šāʾeq Heravī.

It was printed in four pages as a weekly and two pages as a daily, except during the paper shortage of World War II. It was originally lithographed; the first typeset issue was no. 7/1, 1 Mīzān 1307 Š./10 October 1928. The size varied, usually being 26 x 36 cm. Initially, subscriptions costs in Herat were 5 Kabul rupees and 6 in other provinces; the price was gradually raised to 50 Afḡānīs. Copies outside Afganistan may be found at Isfahan University and at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.



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(Nassereddin Parvin)

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