ABŪ BAKR B. ABĪ ṢĀLEḤ, vizier of the Ghaznavids in the 5th/11th century. He is first heard of as the second vizier to serve Sultan Farroḵzād b. Masʿūd (443-51/1052-59). He was called to this office, probably at the end of 445 or beginning of 446/spring-summer, 1055, in succession to Ḥosayn b. Mehrān. He had already had a long career as official and soldier and for thirty years had been a governor in India, where he had been active in public and charitable works. He remained vizier for the rest of the sultan’s reign; on Ebrāhīm b. Masʿūd’s succession in 451/1059, he stayed on as the new ruler’s chief executive. However, he was killed while still in office by a conspiracy of the Turkish generals and palace guards, resentful of his influence; the date of his end is uncertain but must have been quite early in Ebrāhīm’s reign.


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These sources are utilized in Bosworth, Later Ghaznavids, chaps. I, II.


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