Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue - new online peer-review


The Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue (JCIAD), a new online peer-reviewed academic journal sponsored by the Central-Inner Asian Studies Seminar at the University of Washington (Seattle), is very pleased to announce the online release of its first issue, an effort long in the making (the results of which can also be seen through its online newsletter, JCIAD News [2011 & 2012]). The editorial board of JCIAD, comprised of an international team of highly reputable scholars in fields connected to Central and Inner Asian Studies, has striven to create an open-access, scholarly forum that remains both inclusive and respecting of the different worldviews represented by the Journal.

This sentiment is reflected in JCIAD´s mission statement in creating "anongoing dialogue between scholars and advanced students in the West and in Central and Inner Asia and thereby enriching the scholarship in the fields of Central and Inner Asian Studies. The emphasis will be on the historical and cultural aspects of the region such as the arts, languages and literature."

To those ends, JCIAD is unique in treating the lesser known local languages of Central and Inner Asia on par with the major research languages. The Journal welcomes and publishes scholarly articles written in either local (i.e. Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Mongol, Teleut, Uzbek, etc.) or major research languages (i.e. English, German, Russian, etc.). Submitted articles written in a local regional language should have corresponding abstracts completed in a major research language and vice versa for submitted articles that have been written in a major research language.

JCIAD is now accepting articles, reviews, and translations for its second issue. [1] The deadline for receiving manuscript submissions for the next issue of JCIAD is January 15th, 2014. Please forward all submissions and inquiries to

Please click here for Journal's first issue Table of Content, Mission Statement, and Guidelines for Submission.

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