Selected Abbreviations

Whenever a comma follows an abbreviation, the comma after the full stop is indicated. Plural forms are only listed when necessary.  See Volume I, pp. 6-7 for a more complete list.


Abh. Abhandlung = treatise
Anz. Anzeiger = gazette
aor. aorist
Ar. Arabic
Aram. Aramaic
b. ebn = son
BCE before the Common Era
ca. circa
CE Common Era
ed. and eds. editor
ed. edition
ed. edited
e.g., exempli gratia, =for the sake of example,  
enl. ed. enlarged edition
et al. et alii = and others
etc. et cetera = and so forth
idem the same (used without regard to gender or number)
f. feminine
facsim. facsimile
fig. figure
fl. flourished
fol. and fols. folio
Fr. French
fut. future
Ger. German
Gk. Greek
H. hejri-e qamari = Islamic lunar calendar
h. height
i.e., id est, = that is (to say),
introd. introduction
Ir. Iranian
Kurd. Kurdish
l. and ll. line
Lat. Latin
m. masculine
Mid. Pers. Middle Persian
ms. or MS manuscript (plural mss. or MSS)
n. and nn. note(s)
n.d. no date
N.F. Neue Folge = new series
n.p. no place
N.S. new series
Nachr. Nachrichten = proceedings
OIr. Old Iranian
OPers. Old Persian
orig. original
p. and pp. page
par. and pars. paragraph
Parth. Parthian
Pers. Persian
phil.-hist. Kl. philosophisch-historische Klasse = philosophical-historical section
pl. plate
pop. population
plur. plural
pres. present tense
pt. and pts.  part(s)
repr. reprint
rev. revised
Rus. Russian
Š. hejra-ye šamsi = Iranian solar calendar
s.v. and s.vv. sub verbo or sub voce = see under
sing. singular
Skt. Sanskrit
Syr. Syriac
Taj. Tajik
Turk. Turkish
tr. and trs. translator(s)
tr. translation
tr. translated
v., vv. verse(s)
Vd. Vidēvdād, Vendidad, a text of the Avesta
w. width
Y. Yasna, a group of texts of the Avesta
Yt. Yašt, a text of the Avesta

Revised 13 June 2011