SINEMĀ WA NEMĀYEŠĀT, the first Persian magazine entirely devoted to cinematography. It was planned as a monthly magazine but closed down altogether after the first two issues (Mordād and Šahrivar 1309 Š./July and August 1930), due to the lack of popular support (Omid, p. 895). The publisher was ʿAli Wakili (b. Tabriz, 1887; d. Tehran, 1968), a businessman and the owner of the movie theater Sepah in Tehran, and Esḥāq Zanjāni, the manager of the same theater, was the director and chief editor. Sinemā wa nemāyešāt was printed at Etteḥādiya printing house in single-column pages of 15 x 21.5 cm and contained articles on film industry besides movie commercials. The two published issues contained 42 and 28 pages, respectively, and carried illustrations. The nationwide subscription was first set at 3 krans, but the second issue was priced at 10 šāhis (i.e., half a kran) in the hope of creating a market. Scattered issues are preserved at the Central Library of the University of Tehran, Ebn Meskuya Library inIsfahan, and the Central Library of the University of Isfahan.



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August 2, 2005

(Nassereddin Parvin)

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