RĀHNEMĀ-YE ZENDAGI (The guide to life), a biweekly magazine published in Tehran by the then well-known novelist and translator Ḥosaynqoli Mostaʿān from 15 November 1940 to 16 December 1941. Starting with the sixth issue, Māhṭalʿat Pesyān was named as chief editor. Rāhnemā-ye zendagi was a popular magazine due to the variety of topics that it featured, as well as to a series of popular love stories by Ḥ. M. Ḥamid (a pen name of Mostaʿān) that were published separately and given away with each issue as supplement. It was printed at Tābān printing house in eighteen to twenty pages measuring approximately 28 x 36 cm and contained illustrations. The number of columns in each page varied from one to three. The subscription rate was fifty rials for the first fifteen issues and then it was increased to 70 rials. Complete sets are available at major Iranian libraries.



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March 7, 2006

(Nassereddin Parvin)

Originally Published: August 15, 2006

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