PHRAORTES (from the Old Iranian Fravartish), the second king of the Median dynasty. All information about him is from Herodotus. According to him (1.102), Phraortes was the son of Deioces and united all Median tribes into a single state. He also subjugated the Persians and began to conquer other nations of Asia. After a rule of twenty-two years (ca. 675–653 BCE), he fell in battle against the Assyrians. However, some scholars assume that he ruled for fifty-three years, ca. 678-625 (for references see Median Dynasty in the entry MEDIA). Phraortes is commonly identified with Kashtariti, a chieftain in Media, although some scholars consider such an identification doubtful.

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(I. Medvedskaya)

Originally Published: July 20, 2004

Last Updated: July 20, 2004