JAHĀN-E ZANĀN (Women’s World), a magazine published first in Mašhad (four issues, 25 Jomādā I-17 Šaʿbān 1339/15 Dalw 1299-6 Ordibehešt 1300 Š./4 Feb.-26 April 1921) and, after a lapse of about five months, in Tehran (one issue only, Moḥarram 1340/Sept. 1921). It started as a biweekly journal but became monthly after the second issue. In Mašhad, the journal dealt with topics such as the necessity of education for women, cooking recipes, child rearing, notices about famous women, and the like. Nevertheless, in its only issue published in Tehran, it printed an article titled “Az ḥālā” (From now on) that advocated education for women and called for their active involvement in society. This article created a great deal of angry protests in Tehran by conservative clergy and led to the banning of the magazine and the banishment of its founder, Farroḵdin Pārsā, and his family (Ṣadr Hāšemi, II, pp. 183-84). The paper was managed in Mašhad by Faḵr-e Āfāq Batul Pārsā, a teacher by profession and Farroḵdin’s wife, who later, in Tehran, functioned as its chief editor. Farroḵdin Pārsā was a civil servant but also worked for a number of newspapers, journals, and magazines as editor, columnist, and correspondent.

Jahān-e zanān was printed in Mašhad, in 28-32 two-column pages of 13.5x22 cm, first at Ṭus Printing House and then at Ḵorāsān Printers, and in Tehran at Bāqerzāda Brothers Press. Annual subscription was 30 qerāns. Complete sets are accessible at the Central Library (Ketāb-ḵāna-ye markazi) of Tehran University and at the Ebn Meskuya Library in Isfahan. A single issue is kept in Āstān-e Qods Library, Mašhad.



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