INDIA: relations with Iran.

This subject will be treated in the following thirty-three entries.

i. Introduction.

ii. Historical geography: the ancient frontier with Iran.

iii. Political and cultural relations: Achaemenid period.

iv. Political and cultural relations: Seleucid, Parthian, Sasanian periods.

v. Political and cultural relations: medieval period to the 13th century.

vi. Political and cultural relations: from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

vii. Political and cultural relations: the Afsharid and Zand periods.

viii. Political and cultural relations: Qajar period, the 19th century.

ix. Political and cultural relations: Qajar period, early 20th century.

x. Political and cultural relations: Pahlavi period. See Supplement.

xi. Political and cultural relations: Islamic Republic. See Supplement.

xii. Islamic dynasties of India. See under individual dynasties.

xiii. Indo-Iranian commercial relations.

xiv. Persian literature in India.

xv. Persian correspondence literature in India. See CORRESPONDENCE iv.

xvi. Indo-Persian historiography.

xvii. Persian press in India. See viii. and ix. above; CONSTITUTIONAL REVOLUTION vi.; Ḥabl al-matin. See also Supplement.

xviii. Persian elements in Indian languages.

xix. Indian literary influences on Persian literature. See Supplement.

xx. Persian influences on Indian painting.

xxi. Indian influences on Persian painting.

xxii. Persian influence on Indian architecture. See DECCAN ii.; DELHI SULTANATE ii; GARDEN iii; HYDERABAD ii.

xxiii. Indian influence on Persian cinema. See x. above.

xxiv. Persian calligraphy in India. See Supplement.

xxv. Mutual mystical influences. See under SUFISM.

xxvi. Mutual musical influences. See under MUSIC.

xxvii. Mutual scientific influences. See under SCIENCE.

xxviii. Iranian immigrants in India.

xxix. Shiʿites in India. See CONVERSION iii.; see also under SHIʿISM.

xxx. Indian merchants in Central Asia and Iran.

xxxi. Indian merchants in 19th-century Afghanistan.

xxxii. Parsees of India. See under PARSI COMMUNITIES.

xxxiii. Indo-Muslim physicians.

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