HODIVALA, SHAHPURSHAH HORMASJI DINSHAHJI (d. 26 November 1944), Principal of the Bahauddin (Bahāʾ-al-Din) College of Junagadh, and professor of literature, history, and political economy. He is best known for his works on Parsi history and on numismatics; the latter includes, in addition to his book on the coins of the Mughal kings, some forty articles on the coins of the Muslim rulers of India. He was President of the Conference of the Numismatic Society of India which was convened in Delhi in 1922, thus becoming the first native scholar to be honored in this way. During the 125th anniversary celebration of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, the Governor of Bombay, Sir Frederick Sykes, presented the Campbell Medal to him in recognition of his service to the study of Indian history and literature.



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Historical Studies in Mughal Numismatics, Calcutta, 1923.

“Parsi History,” Journal of the K. R. Cama Oriental Institute 8, 1926 (a series of five lectures delivered in 1925).

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See also Parsi Prakash VIII, Bombay, 1944.

(Kaikhusroo M. JamaspAsa)

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