HĄM.VAINTĪ, Zoroastrian divinity “Victory.” Louis H. Gray (Foundations, p. 148) wrote: “Normally the distinctive epithet of Āxšti, Hąm-vaintī (‘Conquering’) is mentioned as a separate war-goddess in Yt. xi, 15; but the text here is doubtful, and the existence of the deity is highly questionable.” But the grammatical analysis as abstract noun formed with - and irregular full grade, suggests that it is a personification of the latest layer of the Avestan texts. Hąm.vaintī is only attested as a companion with Āxšti “Peace” (AirWb, col. 311).



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(Bernfried Schlerath)

Originally Published: December 15, 2003

Last Updated: December 15, 2003