HAFEZ (Ḥāfeẓ), Šams-al-Din Moḥammad, of Shiraz (ca. 715-792/1315-1390), celebrated Persian lyric poet.

i. An overview.

ii. Hafez’s life and times.

iii. Hafez’s poetic art.

iv. Lexical structure of Hafez’s ghazals.

v. Manuscripts of Hafez.

vi. Printed editions of the divān of Hafez.

vii. Hafez and ʿerfān. See Supplement.

viii. Hafez and rendi.

ix. Hafez and music.

x. Translations of Hafez in English.

xi. Translations of Hafez in German.

xii. Hafez and the visual arts.

xiii. Fāl-e Ḥāfeẓ. See FĀL-NĀMAHĀ; DIVINATION.

xiv. Hafez’s tomb (Ḥāfeẓiya).

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Originally Published: December 15, 2002

Last Updated: March 1, 2012

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