GOWHAR, a cultural journal published monthly from Bahman 1351/January 1973 to Day 1357/December 1978 (issue no. 72). It was a publication of the philanthropic organization of Mortażā Nuriāni, whose board of trustees was headed by Manučher Eqbāl (q.v.) and whose secretary-general was Noṣrat-Allāh Kāsemi, a friend of Eqbāl. Mortażā Kāmrān was named as the manager-in-charge (modir-e masʾul) of the journal, but it was in fact run by Kāsemi, a physician, poet, politician, and regular contributor to the journal. Gowhar published literary and historical articles as well as a considerable number of poems, particularly by contemporary poets.

The format was 88 to 108 single-column illustrated pages, measuring 16 x 22.5 cm. At the beginning the annual subscription was 350 rials and a single issue cost 30 rials; in the last year of its publication, they had been raised to 1,200 and 100 rials, respectively. Complete sets are available at most libraries in Persia.



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(Nasereddin Parvin)

Originally Published: December 15, 2002

Last Updated: December 15, 2002