GOLŠAN, cultural magazine published in the early days of 1296 Š./1917 in Tehran by Sayyed Reżā Yazdi “Amir Reżwāni” (d. 25 Esfand 1314 Š./16 March 1936), first twice a week and from its sixth year three times a week. None of its early issues is available in major libraries. After some issues as a magazine, it appeared as a social-cultural newspaper, its oldest available issue being the one bearing the joint-numbers 24 and 25 (of 21 Ṣafar 1337/26 November 1918) kept at the Central Library of Tehran University. Its last issue was published on 22 Esfand 1313 Š./13 March 1935.

Golšan was published as the replacement for Amir Reżwāni’s other newspaper, Soruš- e-Irān, which had been banned (Bayāt and Kuhestāni-nežād, p. 324), and hence its early issues carried the following phrase in the headmast: “Temporarily offered to subscribers in place of Soruš-e-Irān.”

Golšan was banned in the wake of the coup d’état of Esfand 1299 Š./February 1921 (q.v.) as part of the general ban on all newspapers and for the second time in Saraṭān 1300 Š./June 1921 by the then prime minister, Qawām-al-Salṭana, and for the third time in Jadi 1301 Š./December 1922. After that the paper became a supporter of Sardār-e Sepah, the future Reżā Shāh Pahlavi. Golšan was issued in four, and sometimes in eight, four-column pages of 33 x 44.5 cm; and beginning with its seventh year in five-column pages of 40 x 56 cm until its tenth year, it was printed by the Bāqerzāda Press and subsequently by Bosfor Press. Single issues cost six šāhis at the beginning and four šāhis in the last year; annual subscription was sixty qerāns the first year and eighty qerāns at the end. It carried advertisements. Incomplete sets are available in major libraries in Persia and in the libraries of Princeton University and the Deutsche Staatsbibliotheck in Berlin.



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(Nassereddin Parvin)

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