ḠĀZĀN-NĀMA, a verse chronicle of the reign of the Il-khan Ḡāzān Khan (694-703/1295-1304), by Ḵᵛāja Nūr-al-Dīn b. Šams-al-Dīn Moḥammad Aždarī. The work, in the style of Ferdowsī’s Šāh-nāma, was started in 758/1357 (fol. 13r) and completed in 763/1362 (fol. 300r); it was dedicated to the Jalayerid ruler, Oways b. Ḥasan.


The only manuscript of the work so far identified (Cambridge University Library, Browne Ms. V. 28[8]) was written in taʿlīq script in 873/1469; it contains around 9,000 bayts and ends with a brief prose account of the death of Öljeitü (Ūljāytū) in 716/1316. A detailed survey of the contents is given in Nicholson’s catalogue (pp. 231-36). The chronicle has not been exploited as a historical source; Jahn incorrectly states that it covers the period to 758/1357, and Togan’s view that it is almost identical with the Šahanšāh-nāma of Aḥmad Tabrīzī (Jahn, p. 203) is without foundation. Tabrīzī’s work, in fact, has real historical value (cf. Boyle, pp. 186-87), which cannot at present be said for the Ḡāzān-nāma. Though some nuggets of information may be quarried from it, its principal interest is literary and in the development of a semi-legendary treatment of Ḡāzān Khan. Of particular relevance in this respect are reported encounters with Shaikh Zāhed Gīlānī (fols. 123r-134v), a Christian monk in Kurdestan (fols. 192r-201r) and a pīr who leads him to Alexander’s treasure (fols. 250r-259r), as well as an anachronistic meeting with Naṣīr-al-Dīn Ṭūsī (fol. 242r-245r).


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