FACULTIES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN. The University of Tehran was founded in 1313 Š./1934 from four pre-existing schools (madrasas) which were renamed as faculties (dāneškada): the Faculty of Medicine (Dāneškada-ye pezeškī), the Faculty of Law and Political Science (Dāneškada-ye ḥoqūq o ʿolūm-e sīāsī), the Faculty of Letters (Dāneškada-ye adabīyāt), and the Faculty of Sciences (Dāneškada-ye ʿolūm). Two new faculties were also created, the Faculty of of Engineering (Dāneškada-ye fannī) and the Faculty of Islamic Studies (Dāneškada-ye maʿqūl o manqūl, later Elāhīyāt). From the 1940s to the 1970s the following eleven faculties were added to the above divisions: In 1940, the Faculty of Fine Arts was founded as Honarkada-ye honarhā-ye zībā; it was renamed Dāneškada-ye honarhā-ye zībā in 1949. In 1945, the School of Veterinary Medicine (Madrasa-ye dām-pezeškī) was incorporated into the university and formed the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Dāneškada-ye dām-pezeškī; see DĀM-PEZEŠKĪ ii). In 1946, the Faculty of Agriculture (Dāneškada-ye kešāvarzī) was incorporated into the University. In 1956, the Departments of Dentistry and Pharmacy of the Faculty of Medicine became independent and formed the Faculty of Dentistry (Dāneškada-ye dandān-pezeškī) and the Faculty of Pharmacy (Dāneškada-ye dārū-sāzī). In 1964, the Faculty of Education (Dāneškada-ye ʿolūm-e tarbīatī) and Faculty of Administration (Dāneškada-ye ʿolūm-e edārī) were formed. In 1966, the Faculty of Health (Dāneškada-ye behdāšt) and Faculty of Forestry (Dāneškada-ye jangal-dārī) were established; in 1967, the Faculty of Economics (Dāneškada-ye eqteṣād) was founded; and in 1973 the Faculty of Social Sciences and Cooperative Studies (Dāneškada-ye ʿolūm-e ejtemāʿī wa taʿāwon) was formed.

This article will deal with the faculties of Agriculture, Fine Arts, Law and Political Science, Letters and Humanities, and Medicine, which are among the oldest and most important secular institutions of higher education in Persia. Other faculties of the University of Tehran and main faculties of other major universities will be treated under individual UNIVERSITIES.

i. Faculty of Agriculture.

ii. Faculty of Fine Arts.

iii. Faculty of Law and Political Science.

iv. Faculty of Letters and Humanities.

v. Faculty of Medicine.


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