BOTANICAL JOURNAL OF IRAN (Žurnāl-e giāhšenāsi-e Irān). According to its publishers, “an international botanical journal open to botanists for presentation of original research in plant taxonomy and related sofar as they have a bearing on plants occurring in Persia or neighboring countries, i.e. Southwest Asia” (quoted verbatim). Occasionally it also publishes obituaries and biographies of botanists in this field. The contributions are in English with brief abstracts in Persian.

The Journal was an outcome of the material and scientific development of the (former) Bāḡ-e giahšenāsi-e Āriāmehr (renamed Bāḡ-e melli-e giāhšenāsi-e Irān, National Botanical Garden of Iran) after the revolution of 1979. The adoption of English as the official language of the Journal was meant to facilitate contributions by non-native botanists, and to make known world-wide those of native scientists and researchers in the field. The Journal was originally designed to be published in annual “volumes,” each in two “issues.” The first volume (issues 1 and 2) appeared in 1355 Š./1976; but after the revolution, the quantitative inadequacy of original contributions and some other factors led the publishers and editors to publish only one issue per year (vol. 2, issue 1 appeared at 1362 Š/1983) that thus far (July 2003) only 18 issues of the journal have come out.

The charges in the Botanical Garden administration and affiliation also affected the activity of its fast growing herbarium (see also HERBARIUMS) and of the Journal. The general administration, first entrusted to the botanist Ḥabib-Allāh Ṯābeti, was assumed by a board of trustees, and then by M. Bāqeri Čāyči. It was during the latter’s tenure that the famous Norwegian botanist, the late Per Wendelbo was recruited for two years to supervise the purely botanical activities of the Garden (including the publication of the Journal). Wendelbo was succeeded by the Swedish botanist Hans Runemark. The 1st two volumes of the Journal were edited at Āriāmehr Botanical Garden, but the subsequent volumes at the Department of Botany of the Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands (Moʾassesa-ye taḥqiqāt-e jangalhā o marāteʿ; see also BOTANICAL STUDIES ON IRAN iii). The present editorial board consists of four botanists of the said Departments, namely, M. Assadi (chief editor), P. Babakhanlou, Z. Jamzad and A. A. Maassoumi (spelling of the names as adopted by these members for their foreign publications).


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 مجله گیاه شناسی ایران majaleh giyaah shenasi iran majaleh giyah shenasy iran  

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Originally Published: July 20, 2003

Last Updated: July 20, 2003