BORZMEHR (Pahlavi, lit. “deep affection”) one of the priests (mōbed) and scribes who served Ḵosrow I (r. 531-79). Borzmehr was among those who opposed the succession of Hormoz and was thus, according to Ṯaʿālebī (Ḡorar, p. 638), murdered during the reign of Hormoz IV (579-90). However according to Ferdowsī (Šāh-nāma, Moscow, VIII, pp. 319, 320; IX, p. 136), Borzmehr was able to escape Hormoz’s wrath to become vizier during the time of Ḵosrow Parvēz (r. 590-­628). Ṯaʿālebī’s report (Ḡorar, p. 590) that Borzmehr was the son of Sōḵrā and that he enabled Qobād to escape from his brother Jāmāsp’s (r. 496-98) prison is likewise incorrect; the name of the son of Sōḵrā, according to Ṭabarī, Dīnavarī, Masʿūdī, and the Šāh-nāma, was Zarmehr. “Borzmehr” may be a variant of “Bozorgmehr.”

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(Djalal Khaleghi-Motlagh)

Originally Published: December 15, 1989

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