BĀŠGĀH-E AFSARĀN (officers’ club), an impres­sive building on the northwestern corner of the former Cossacks’ parade ground in Tehran. The club was designed by Gevorkian, a French architect of Armenian descent who was general manager of government buildings. Gevorkian also supervised the main part of the construction work but abruptly left Iran before it was finished. The construction department of Bank Melli was given the task of completing the building. The building was dedicated by Reżā Shah on 3 Esfand 1317 Š./1939. Some of the main halls were furnished with rugs commissioned from the master weaver ʿAm(ū)oqlī. The famous Pearl Cannon (Tūp-e Morvārīd) was transferred from Arg Square to the southern courtyard of the Officers’ Club. While General Fereydūn Jam was chief of staff, the club underwent major repairs and restoration, as well as some redecoration. In 1331-32 Š./1952-53 it was a center of covert activities against Prime Minister Moḥammad Moṣaddeq.

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باشگاه افسران bashgah afsaran baashgaah afsaraan 


(M. Ṣāneʿī)

Originally Published: December 15, 1988

Last Updated: December 15, 1988

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