BARḴᵛARDĀR TORKMĀN, MĪRZĀ, author of Aḥsan al-sīar,a history of Shah Esmāʿīl Ṣafawī, com­pleted in either 930/1523-24 (Williams, 1916, p. 298) or 937/1530-31 (Williams, 1918, p. viii). The work was apparently compiled in four volumes of which only the fourth is known. It includes: 1. a preface (pp. 1-6) in which the author states that as a Shiʿite he wants to “combat some of the errors” (ibid.) in the contempo­rary work Ḥabīb al-sīar of Ḵᵛāndamīr; 2. a lengthy narrative history (pp. 6-280) of the reign of Shah Esmāʿīl; 3. a section on the poets and “philosophers” of his time (pp. 280-305); and 4. a compilation (pp. 305­-411) of “curious stories, geographical descriptions and the like, borrowed from Khwandamir, the Maṭlaʿal-­saʿdayn,and other works.” 


The only useful source on the author and his work is the very brief mention given by L. F. Rushbrook Williams in his article, “A New Authority on Babur?” Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, N.S., 12, 1916, pp. 297-98.

Idem, An Empire Builder of the Sixteenth Century, London, 1918, preface.

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