BĀMDĀD, a weekly Persian newspaper published in Tehran from Šawwāl, 1325/November, 1907, by Anjoman-e Etteḥādīya-ye Markazī-e Aṣnāf (Council of the central league of guilds). It was edited by Ḡolām-ʿAlī Khan Qājār Qezel Ayāḡ (later editor of the newspaper Ṣerāṭ al-ṣanāyeʿ); however, its manager and principal columnist was the noted reformist, constitutionalist politician and Majles deputy Mīrzā Yaḥyā Dawlatābādī (1863-1938; q.v.), who signed his articles “Yaḥyā al-Ḥosaynī.” Bāmdād was published concurrently with another guild publication, Anjoman-e aṣnāf, in which Mīrzā Yaḥyā held similar responsibilities (Ṣadr Hāšemī, Jarāʾed o majallāt II, p. 5). Bāmdād showed a liberal bent and professed to have set the awakening of all Iranians, particularly guild members, as its goal. It contained four three-column pages measuring 28.5 x 41 cm; a yearly subscription cost one toman in Iran and five French francs abroad.



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 بامداد، روزنامه bamdad,roznameh baamdaad  

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