BAHAISM  or Bahai Faith, a religion founded in the nineteenth century by the Iranian notable Bahāʾ-Allāh (commonly Baháʾulláh or Bahāʾullāh in Western works) that grew out of the Iranian messianic movement of Babism and developed into a world religion with internationalist and pacifist emphases.

i. The Faith.

ii. Bahai Calendar and Festivals.

iii. Bahai and Babi Schisms.

iv. The Bahai Communities.

v. The Bahai Community in Iran.

vi. The Bahai Community of Ashkhabad.

vii. Bahai Persecutions.

viii. Bahai Shrines.

ix. Bahai Temples.

x. Bahai Schools

xi. Bahai Conventions.

xii. Bahai Literature.

xiii. Bahai Pioneers.

xvi. Nineteen Day Feast.



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Originally Published: December 15, 1988

Last Updated: December 15, 1988

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