ʿAṬĀʾ B. AḤMAD B. MOḤAMMAD B. ḴᵛĀJA ḠĀZĪ SAMARQANDĪ, ABU MOḤAMMAD, author of a set of astronomical tables for an unidentified prince of the Yuan dynasty of China, Chen-Hsi-Wu-Ching, in 764/1362-63. The autograph manuscript, now in Paris, has marginal notes in Chinese.



Brockelmann, GAL, S. II, p. 297.

J. Needham and Wang Ling, Science and Civilization in China I, Cambridge, 1954, p. 218.

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 عطاء سمرقندی ata samarghandi ataa samarghandi ata samarghandy


(D. Pingree)

Originally Published: December 15, 1987

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