ASK SPRINGS (Figure 53). Situated at the foot of Damāvand (5,670 m) in the valley of the Harāz-rūd, Ask is one of a number of places in the Alborz where one finds thermal mineral springs (see Āb-e Garm). The town itself is 1,700m above sea level on the edge of a large fault running from west to east. This fault, together with the immediate proximity of the geologically very recent volcanic massif of Damāvand accounts for the occurrence of several warm springs rich in minerals.

Although chemical analyses of the Ask springs have not yet been published, we can assume that their temperature and mineral composition are not dissimilar to those of the Āb-e Garm springs. The latter—which have a temperature of 65° C—are among the hottest mineral springs yet discovered in Iran. The chemical composition of the spring water (see Āb-e Garm, Fig. 10) indicates that the springs are emissions of underground water heated by hot gases and steam. The Ask springs, like those in other places around the base of Damāvand, are as yet used only by the local inhabitants. It remains to be seen whether they would repay commercial development (in the form of spa baths, bottling plants, etc.).



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