ĀRYĀNĀ, Bulletin of the Historical Society of Afghanistan. Shortly after its establishment in 1321 Š./1942, the society initiated a monthly journal in Persian (called Darī in Afghanistan) and Paštō devoted to Afghan studies in the widest sense, treating matters of art and archeology, history and ethnography, languages, literature and paleography, geography and folklore and biographical data. The society selected the name Āryānā for the journal on account of the report by Eratosthenes (d. ca. 196 B.C.), handed down by Strabo (Geography 15.2.8) and discussed by orientalists (e.g., H. H. Willson, Ariana Antica, London, 1871, pp. 119f.), that this was the name of ancient Afghanistan. The first issue came out in January, 1943, under the editorship of Aḥmad ʿAlī Kohzād. Subsequent editors were ʿAlī Aḥmad Naʿīmī (from vol. 2, no. 8), Moḥammad Ebrāhīm Ḵalīl (from vol. 7, no. 7), Moḥammad Ḥaydar Žūbal (from 1332 Š./1953), ʿAtīqallāh Maʿrūf (from 1333 Š./1954), Moḥammad Sarvar Homāyūn (from 1335 Š./1956), ʿAbd-al-Ḥayy Ḥabībī (from 1342 Š./1963). The journal was published monthly until 1352 Š./1973, but quarterly since then. An index listing articles in volumes 1-26, published in 1347 Š./1968, contained 1347 titles; by now it has probably reached 3000 items. The journal has had considerable influence in reinforcing Afghan’s awareness of their cultural heritage (the national airline of Afghanistan, for instance, is called Ariana), and has been helpful in maintaining scholarly cooperation with Iranian scholars and others interested in Afghanistan’s history and culture. It has also published useful essays on Iranian studies (see Ī. Afšār, Fehrest-e maqālāt-e fārsī I-III, Tehran, 1348-55 Š./1969-76).



See also Āryānā Dāʾerat al-maʿāref, Kabul, 1328 Š./1949, I, p. 252.

(ʿA. Ḥabībī)

Originally Published: December 15, 1987

Last Updated: August 15, 2011

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