ʿALĪ AṢḠAR B. ʿALĪ AKBAR NAYYER BORŪJERDĪ, MĪRZĀ, author of several works including the ʿAqāʾed al-šīʿa, written in 1263/1874 and dedicated to Moḥammad Shah Qāǰār; though not of outstanding merit, this work has been printed several times (first lithographed, Tehran, 1285/1868-69) and was summarized by E. G. Browne (Lit. Hist. Persia IV, pp. 381-402) as a typical example of popular Shiʿite ideas in the 13th/19th century. From this it is possible to observe that the author was hostile not only to Sunnism, but also to certain doctrines of Sufism (e.g., waḥdat al-woǰūd) and to extremist (ḡolāt) Shiʿite and Ismaʿili views on the subject of ʿAlī b. ʿAbī Ṭāleb and other topics. M. ʿA. Modarres (Rayḥānat al-adab, 3rd ed., Tabrīz, n.d., I, p. 253) credits ʿAlī-Aṣḡar with twenty-three works including Nūr al-anwār (lithographed with his didactic maṯnawī, Żīāʾ al-nūr, Tehran, 1275/1858-59, etc.) on the life of the Twelfth Imam and Ẓolma maẓlema in refutation of Babism.


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