AḤMAD TŪNĪ, Karrāmī theologian who lived about 400/1010. He originated from Tūn in the region of Qohestān and founded a branch of the Karrāmīya which became known under the name of Tūnīya (cf. Šahrastānī, p. 79). We have no information about his specific doctrine. He traced himself back, through his teacher Abū Bakr b. Abī ʿAbdallāh, to Abū ʿAmr Māzenī (middle of the 4th/10th century), who was the last to transmit the doctrine of Ebn Karrām before the expansion and diversification of the movement under the early Ghaznavids. He may be identical with the traditionist Aḥmad b. ʿAbbās Tūnī mentioned by Samʿanī (Ansāb [Hyderabad] III, p. 112, no. 760). However the latter also remains an unknown figure.


J. van Ess, Ungenütze Texte zur Karramiya (Sb. Heidelberger Ak. Wiss, Phil-Hist. Kl., 1980, 6), Heidelberg, 1980, pp. 28ff.

The reading Nūnīya instead of Tūnīya in EI2 IV, p. 668a is incorrect.


(J. van Ess)

Originally Published: December 15, 1984

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