ĀḠOŠ VEHĀḎĀN (Āḡoš son of Vehāḏ), king of Gīlān at the time of Kay Ḵosrow, the Kayanid king, and one of the commanders of his armies. Kay Ḵosrow sent four armies to fight Afrāsīāb, the third of which was led by Āḡoš Vehāḏān. Accompanied by Gostahm, son of Nōḏar, Āḡoš went from the region of Ḵazar toward Ḵᵛārazm and met and defeated Šēda, Afrāsīāb’s son, and Garsēvaz, his brother (Moǰmal, p. 388; Ṭabarī I, p. 608; Baḷʿamī, Tārīḵ, p. 606). The kings of Gīlān traced their lineage to Āḡoš (Moǰmal, p. 388), and ʿOnṣor-al-maʿālī Kaykāvūs b. Eskandar, author of the Qābūs-nāma (ed. Ḡ. Ḥ. Yūsofī, Tehran, 1352 Š./1973, p. 4) also considered himself a descendant of this king. In Ṭabarī and in Baḷʿamī’s translation, Āḡoš is written as Aḡoṣ; while his father’s name is recorded in Ṭabarī as Behḏān (other forms in manuscripts), and in Baḷʿamī as Behrāvand (and similar forms).


See also Justi, Namenbuch, p. 6.

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