ĀDURBĀD ĒMĒDĀN, second author of the 9th century A.D. Zoroastrian compilation, Dēnkard. He gives an account of his activity at the end of Dēnkard 3 (ed. Madan, p. 406.11ff.). When the first author, Ādurfarnbag ī Farroxzādān, died, the text passed into the care of the latter’s son, Zardušt. But a “bad accident” befell Zardušt, and the book became disordered and dispersed. Ādurbād reunited and added to it; he gave it the title Works of the Religion [Dēnkard] in 1,000 Chapters. Since his name appears only at the end of Dēnkard 3, it may be inferred that he had a greater role in the redaction of that section than in the rest of the work. His life may be dated to the late 3rd/9th-10th century. Masʿūdī (Tanbīh, p. 104) names a mobad killed in Baghdad by the ʿAbbasid caliph Rāżī in 325/936-37 as Esfandīār b. Aḏarbād b. Enmayd. The last name is likely to be a copyist’s error for ʾymyḏ, so Esfandīār was probably Ādurbād’s son.


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