ʿADL, Aḥmad-Ḥosayn


ʿADL, Aḥmad-Ḥosayn (b. Tabriz, 1277Š./1898, d. 1341Š /1963, FIGURE 1), minister of agriculture, Director General of the Plan Organization, and the first director of the College of Agronomy (Madrasa-ye ʿāli-e falāḥat; see faculties of the university of tehran. i. faculty of agriculture). His father was an eminent local figure in Azerbaijan and a publisher of the newspaper Nāṣeri in Tabriz (Rejāl-e Āḏarbāijān, p. 118; Ṣadr Hāšemi, Jarāʾed o majallāt no. 1058). After studying agriculture in Paris he returned to Persia in 1922, and was employed by the Ministry of Public Amenities. In 1930 he became the director of the College of Agronomy (Maḥbubi, Moʾassasāt I, p. 408), and later taught at the Faculty of Agriculture at Karaj which had evolved out of it. In 1930, the Ministry was divided into three branches, one of which was the Department of Agriculture. ʿAdl became the assistant director of the Department. In 1937, he was appointed acting director of the Department of Agriculture (Etṭelāʾāt-e Sālāna, p. 43), and he remained in that office for two years, after which he went into private business. In 1951 he became Minister of Agriculture in ʿAli Soheyli’s cabinet and held the post until the collapse of the cabinet of Aḥmad Qawām (Qawām-al-Salṭana) cabinet (Etṭelāʾāt-e Sālāna, pp. 48-50). After that, he was appointed as head of the Seven-year Planning Council, and for a while was the director general of the Plan Organization. In 1953 he was given the post of Minister of Agriculture in the cabinet of Lieutenant-general Fażl-Allāh Zāhedi, which lasted for only a year and a half. He then returned to the private sector again, and became the manager of a textile factory and head of Isfahan’s Chamber of Commerce. He did much to advance industrial development in Isfahan. He died in a car accident on the way from Isfahan to Tehran.


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(Bāqer ʿĀqeli)

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