ADHYARDHAŚATIKĀ PRAJÑĀPĀRAMITĀ (“The perfection of wisdom in 150 lines”), title of a Praǰñāpāramitā text in Tantric style. It contains fifteen chapters, fourteen of which are spoken by a number of Buddhas, who expound the various methods of Praǰñāpāramitā. Each expository chapter is summarized by means of a mystic syllable. The text survives in the Sanskrit original and in translations: into Chinese (six translations and two comment; extant), Tibetan, Mongol, and Khotanese. The Khotanese version was one of the earliest Khotanese texts to be studied. It was edited by E. Leumann (in Zur nordarischen Sprache und Literatur [Schriften der Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft in Strassburg, 10. Heft], Strassburg, 1912, pp. 92-99) and translated by E. Leumann in the Wogihara Festschrift (Taishō Dai-gaku Gakuhō, Tokyo, 1930, pp. 47-87).


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