ʿABD-AL-RĀFEʿ HERAVĪ, ŻĪĀ-AL-DĪN B. ABU’L-FATḤ, poet, grammarian, and physician, first attached to the court of Ḵosrow Malek (555-82/1160-76), the last Ghaznavid sultan. After the Ghurids seized power, he served them, and they respected him for his skill. The major portion of his poetry apparently has been lost. ʿAwfī (Lobāb [Tehran], p. 474) quotes seventy-five lines of his poetry, among which is a qaṣīda in praise of Ḡīāṯ-al-dīn Moḥammad b. Salm Ḡūrī (558-99/1163-1202). ʿAwfī also attributes to him a commentary on the Nowrūzīya, known as the Jalālīya, which he says was dedicated to Ḵosrow Malek.


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(Żīā-al-dīn Sajjādī)

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