BESṬĀMĪ (Basṭāmī), ABŪ MOḤAMMAD BĀYAZĪD b. ʿEnāyat-Allāh, a 10th/16th-century faqīh and Sufi of Khorasan. Born in Besṭām, he spent most of his life in Mašhad, a fact alluded to in the title of one of his works, Toḥfat al-marżīya le’l-hażra al-rażawīya. The subject of this book is taslīm (submission), and it is therefore sometimes known as Resāla-ye taslīm. He also wrote books on the question of predetermination and on the timing of the five canonical prayers.

Bibliography: Nafīsī, Naẓm o naṯr, p. 395.

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 بسطامی، بایزید bestami beyazid bestaami baayazid bestamy bayazid

(Hamid Algar)

Originally Published: December 15, 1989

Last Updated: December 15, 1989

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