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BAHRĀM, newspaper founded in Tehran in Bahman, 1321 Š./February, 1943 by ʿAbd-al-Raḥmān Farāmarzī, a journalist of note and himself editor of the daily Keyhān (q.v.). The editor was Parvīz Ḵaṭībī. It had a somewhat checkered career, first appearing as a substitute for the newspaper Keyhān, which at that time was a left-leaning publication. During 1323 Š./1944, it became temporarily the organ of the middle-of-the-road party ʿAdālat, with which ʿAlī Daštī, Ebrāhīm Ḵᵛāja Nūrī and others were associated. Later in the year, however, its politics had once again moved leftward, and its name was included in the ranks of the Freedom Front, the group that opposed Prime Minister Sāʿed’s policies. Although for some time thereafter it had no independent existence, it appeared once in 1325 Š./1946 as a substitute for the pro-Soviet Tūda party newspaper Ẓafar. In Ābān, 1325 Š./November, 1946, it began a new lease of life as an evening paper published by the secretariat of Aḥmad Qawām’s (Qawām-al-Salṭana) Ḥezb-e Demokrāt-e Īrān (Democratic Party of Iran), with Aḥmad Ārāmeš as editor. The relationship, however, seems not to have been an entirely happy one, and toward the end of 1325 Š./early 1947, it ceased publication for the last time.



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(L. P. Elwell-Sutton)

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