HUḴT, monthly periodical published in Persian by Iranian Zoroastrians. The name represents the Avestan term hūxta meaning “Good word” (see HUMATA HŪḴTA HUVARŠTA). The publication started in Farvardin 1329 Š./March-April 1950 and continued until Ābān 1363 Š./October-November 1984. The license-holder, director, and publisher of this periodical was the physician Rostam Ṣarfa (b. 1285/1868); from Bahman 1351 Š./Jan.-Feb. 1973 it was edited by Ardašir Jehānīān.

Huḵt published articles on literary, historical, and cultural topics and also covered the news of the Zoroastrian community. Each number usually appeared in a 54-page format, each page measuring 23 x16.20 cm and containing one or two columns of text and occasional illustrations. It was printed at the Rāsti printing house, and the circulation was reportedly 2,000 copies (Solṭāni, no. 1175).

The annual subscription for Huḵt started with 100 riāls, but it rose to 360 riāls in its final year of publication. A set of it can be found in most of the chief libraries in Iran as well as in some collections outside Iran, including Princeton University Library, the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and the library of the University of Tübingen.



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(Nassereddin Parvin)

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