ḤOQAYNI, the nesba of two Zaydi Imams referring to their ancestor Aḥmad Ḥoqaynab. ʿAli b. Ḥosayn b. ʿAli b. Abi Ṭāleb. Aḥmad is said to have moved from Ḥoqayna, a village near Medina, to Āmol in Ṭabarestān, where he died and was buried (at the same spot where Imam al-Nāṣer le’l-Ḥaqq was later buried). It seems more likely that a descendant of his had moved to Āmol.

(1) Al-Mahdi le-Din-Allāh, Abu’l-Ḥasan (also Abu’l-Ḥosayn). His correct lineage appears to be ʿAli b. Jaʿfar b. Ḥasan b. ʿAbd-Allāh b. ʿAli b. Ḥosayn b. Ḥasan b. Aḥmad Ḥoqayna. He was a pupil of Qāżi ʿAbd-al-Jabbār in Muʿtazilite kalām and of Imam al-Moʾayyad be’llāh Aḥmad b. Ḥosayn (d. 411/1020) in Zaydi feqh of the Qāsemiya school. He is probably the author of a commentary on Moʾayyad’s legal work called al-Ziādāt, which is quoted in later Zaydi feqh books as Šarḥ al-Ḥoqayni. Qāżi Yusof b. Ḥasan al-Kalāri transmitted from him. The genealogist Abu ʾl-Ḡanāʾem al-Zaydi (d. 438/1046-7) mentions meeting him in Āmol in 422/1031. In 430/1038-39 he was recognized as Imam among the Qāsemi Deylamites. He was killed in the 440s/1049-58 and was buried in Langā where Moʾayyad had been buried before him.

(2) Al-Hādi, the son of Mahdi. Hādi seems to have been his name rather than his title, although one source names him as Yaḥyā. Like his father, he was a scholar of Qāsemi Zaydi religious law and Muʿtazilite theology. He claimed the Imamate in Ruyān probably after 472/1079. He reached an agreement of mutual recognition with a rival who was active among the Nāṣeri Zaydis of Gilān. When Saljuq Turks invaded his territory, he became financially indebted to his Deylamite supporters. A fanatical enemy of the Ismaʿilis, he was killed in Kaju (later Kojur) in Rajab 490/June-July 1097 by an Ismaʿili assassin sent from Alamut. His body was taken to Kalār and buried at the gate of the madrasa of Qāżi Yusof b. Ḥasan al-Kalāri in Haškin. The tomb is now known as Emāmzāda Hādi b. Emām Zayn-al-ʿĀbedin (see Sotuda, III, pp. 138-41).



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