HOLDICH, Colonel Sir THOMAS HUNGERFORD, British Army officer and Anglo-Indian surveyor (b. Dingley, Northamptonshire, 1842; d. Merrow, Surrey, 1929; Figure 1). The son of a country parson, Holdich was commissioned in the Royal Engineers in 1862. He joined the Survey of India in 1865 and was Superintendent of Frontier Surveys from 1891 until retirement in 1898, by which time he had “a more profound knowledge of the geography and inhabitants of the north-western frontier of India than any other living man” (Geographical Journal, 1930, p. 324). He was a survey officer with British forces in their Bhutan (1865-66), Abyssinian (1867-68), and Afghan (1878-79) campaigns. As head of the Baluchistan Survey Party from 1883, Holdich organized surveys of south Baluchistan and Makran as far as Jask and Bandar ʿAbbās. In 1884 he headed the Russo-Afghan Boundary Commission’s survey party; in 1896 he was the chief British Commissioner on the Perso-Baluch Boundary Commission; and in 1900 he was a member of the Arbitration Tribunal that settled the long-standing Argentine-Chile boundary dispute. Holdich was awarded the Royal Geographical Society’s Gold Medal in 1887 and knighted in 1896. In retirement he wrote about Indian and Afghan geography and his own experiences.


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