GREECE : Relations with the Persian Empire.

i. Greco-Persian Political Relations

ii. Greco-Persian Cultural Relations

iii. Persian Influence on Greek Thought

iv. Greek Influence on Persian Thought

v. Greek Influence on Philosophy  See FALSAFA.

vi. The Image of Persia and Persians in Greek Literature

vii. Greek Art and Architecture in Iran

viii. Greek Art in Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Northwest India

ix. Greek and Persian Romances

x. Greek Medicine in Persia

xi. Greek Inscriptions in Iran  See EPIGRAPHY.

xii. Persian Loanwords and Names in Greek

xiii. Greek Loanwords in Middle Iranian Languages

xiv. Greek Loanwords in New Persian

xv. Ancient Greek borrowings of Persian herbs and plants of medicinal value.

xvi. Greek Ideas and Sciences in Sasanian Iran


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Originally Published: December 15, 2002

Last Updated: April 18, 2012

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