i. Introduction.

ii. An Overview of Relations: Safavid to the Present.

iii. British influence in Persia in the 19th Century.

iv. British influence in Persia, 1900–21.

v. British influence during the Reżā Shah period, 1921-41.

vi. British influence in Persia, 1941–79.

vii. British Travelers to Persia.

viii. British Archeological Excavations.

ix. Iranian Studies in Britain, Pre-Islamic.

x. Iranian Studies in Britain, the Islamic Period.

xi. Persian Art Collections in Britain.

xii. The Persian Community in Britain.

xiii. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

xiv. The British Institute of Persian Studies.

xv. British Schools in Persia.

For another series of entries on the relationship between Great Britain and Persia, see ANGLO-AFGHANANGLO-IRANIANANGLO-PERSIANANGLO-RUSSIAN.


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Originally Published: January 1, 2000

Last Updated: April 23, 2012