GAŽDAHAM, an Iranian hero of Dež-e Safīd (q.v.), a fortress near the border seperating Iran from Tūrān, during the reigns of the Kayanid kings Nōḏar and Kay Kāvūs (Šāh-nāma, ed. Khaleghi, I, p. 305; II, pp. 130-40). Already an old man in the reign of Kay Kāvūs, Gaždaham was unable to fight Sohrāb when the latter invaded Iran and attacked the fortress. Therefore, after Hojīr, the then castellan (negahbān) of the fortress, is defeated and taken captive by Sohrāb and his own daughter Gordāfarīd (q.v.) is also defeated by Sohrāb in a single combat, he informs Kay Kāvūs of Sohrāb’s invasion and then escapes at night along with the residents of the fortress.


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(Djalal Khaleghi-Motlagh)

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