ʿELMO HONAR, title of two Persian magazines.

1. Literary and scientific monthly published in Berlin by Abu’l-Qāsem Woṯūq and edited by the famous writer Moḥammad-ʿAlī Jamālzāda. Seven issues were published between October 1927 and August 1928. The magazine identified its contents as technical, economic, and literary (fannī, eqteṣādī, wa adabī). Most of the articles and all of the fiction were written by Jamālzāda. Other contributors included Ḥosayn Kāżemzāda Īrānšahr, ʿAbbās Eqbāl, Ebrāhīm Pūr-Dāwūd, Sayf Āzād, and Moḥammad-Bāqer Hūšyār. In each issue the publisher included a section of scientific and technical news. Many of the articles and most of the news items were devoted to German technical and artistic developments. The magazine was funded, printed, and distributed by the publisher Augustpries in Leipzig. Each issue included three to five pages in German and sometimes in French. It ceased publication soon after it was banned in Persia because of an article criticizing government authorities. The format was forty-six two-column pages, 23.5 x 50.5 cm, carrying many illustrations, some in color, and priced US $3 per issue. Copies are kept at the Central Library of Tehran University, Shiraz Public Library, Tabrīz Public Library, and at Princeton University Library.

2. Biweekly general-interest magazine, seven issues of which were published in Tehran beginning in July 1950. The publisher was Roqayya Ḥaqāyeqī and the editor Ḥosayn Arbābī.


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(Nassereddin Parvin)

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