DORŪD, a town in Lorestān province, situated at the foot of Oštorānkūh, at an altitude of 1,460 m (33° 28’ N, 49° 3’ E), on the route from Tehran to Ḵorramābād at the confluence of the rivers Tīra and Mārbara. The town enjoys temperate summers and fairly cold winters. It owes its rapid growth from a simple village into a sizable town to its location on the Persian railroad, which led to commercial and industrial development in the last few decades. According to the general census of 1365 Š./1986, the population of Dorūd was 62,517 (11,099 households), with a 67 percent literacy rate among the 47,943 individuals six years of age and older (Markaz-e āmār, p. 20). Modern facilities include electricity, piped water, and a telephone network. The people speak a Lorī dialect of Persian.

Dorūd contains one of the largest cement-producing complexes in Persia, comprising three factories that together produce about 4,500 tons of cement daily and employ more than 2,100 workers. The first factory began production in 1338 Š./1959, and the other two were opened in 1348 Š./1969 and 1359 Š./1980 respectively. The Farsit plant was completed in 1350 Š./1971; it produces pipe, corrugated sheet metal, rubber, and cast-iron joints and employs about 850 people (Farajī et al., p. 1105).

The town of Dorūd is surrounded by several mounds of historical interest, located in the villages of Sīākala, Sangar, Rezvar, Somba-deh, and Kolangona (Īzadpanāh, p. 515).



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