DONYĀ-YE EMRŪZ (Today’s world), name of a weekly magazine published in Tehran and two weekly newspapers founded in Qazvīn and Isfahan respectively.

1. A cultural weekly was published in Tehran from 26 Ṯawr 1301/16 May 1922 until mid-Asad (7 August) of that year. The licensee (ṣāḥeb-e emtīāz) and editor of the magazine was H. Bāḏīl, and the staff included Ḡolām-Reżā Rašīd Yāsemī and ʿAlī-Aṣḡar Ḥekmat. The journal was ordinarily printed at the Majles printing press, in thirty-two double-column pages, measuring 19.5 by 27.5 cm. It included illustrations and a few advertisements. A three-month subscription cost 15 qerāns in Persia and 20 qerāns abroad; a single issue sold for 30 šāhīs. Incomplete collections of this magazine are preserved in the Majles library, Tehran, and the central library of the University of Tehran.

2. In Qazvīn a weekly newspaper entitled Donyā-ye emrūz was published from Mehr 1303 Š./September-October 1924 to Ordībehešt 1304 Š./April-May 1925. The licensee and editor-in-chief was Sayyed Ḥosayn Tonokābonī, and the editor was Ḡolām-Ḥosayn Šams. The newspaper was focused on local news and matters of religious interest. No extant issue has been found in any public library.

3. In Isfahan Donyā-ye emrūz was focused on news and politics; established as a weekly, it was published somewhat irregularly, beginning in 1323 Š./1944; from Mehr 1324 Š./September-October 1945 to Mordād 1332 Š./July-August 1953 it was published in Tehran and was considered favorable to the Tudeh party (see COMMUNISM ii). Its licensee and editor-in-chief was Ḥosayn Faršīd (Elwell-Sutton, p. 87). Copies are available in the Persian national library, the central library of Tehran University, and the library of Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.



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(Nassereddin Parvin)

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