DĪNWA’L-ḤAYĀT, AL-, a bi-weekly religious magazine published in Tabrīz, 1346-50/1928-31, replacing another Tabrīz religious magazine, Taḏakkorāt-e dīnī. Starting with its second year, it became a monthly magazine. Its owner and director, and probably also the writer of all of its articles, was Hājj Mīrzā ʿAlī Moqaddas, a Tabrīzī cleric about whom little is known. Itcontained only religious articles, all bearing Arabic titles and filled with Arabic words and phrases.

This journal was typographed in the Saʿādat and Ḥaqīqatprinting houses and had 18 to 30 single-columned pages. In the first year its size was 18 x 22 and in the second year 14 x 21.5 cm. The annual subscription during the first year was 10 qerāns and during the second year 12 qerāns, to which postal charges for delivery outside Tabrīz were added. Complete sets are kept in the central library of Tehran University, in the Āstān-e Qods-e Rażawī Library in Mašhad, at the Asian Institute in Shiraz University, and at Princeton University Library.



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(Nassereddin Parvin)

Originally Published: December 15, 1995

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