DHYĀNA TEXT, designation of a Buddhist Sogdian text of 405 lines discovered at Tun-huang (B.M. Or. 8212 [85]; facs. ed. in MacKenzie, pls. 67-108; Taishō Tripiṭaka XV, no. 643, pp. 690c6-692c27). The name applied by Hans Reichelt, who first studied the text, is still in common use among Sogdianists, though the original text was later shown by S. Matsunami to have been the Kuan fo san mei hai ching. A very badly preserved little fragment in Berlin, perhaps of the same text, is mentioned by Olaf Hansen (p. 86).

Benveniste and Weller commented extensively upon Reichelt’s edition, while comparing the text to the Chinese original, of which a French translation was provided by P. Demiéville (apud Benveniste, 1933b, pp. 195-213); the most recent revised edition was published by MacKenzie (text, pp. 53-77, notes, pp. 49-70).

The Kuan fo san mei hai ching, elaborating upon the ways and merits of contemplating the Buddhas, was translated into Chinese by Buddhabhadra at the beginning of the 5th century (for discussion of the Skt. title see Nanjio, Demiéville et al., and Weller). When the Chinese text shows variant readings, the Sogdian translation almost always agrees with the old manuscript of the 7th century preserved in Japan (cf. Weller, pp. 350-51; for a similar case see Kudara and Sundermann, pp. 334-40).



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(Yutaka Yoshida)

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