DAʿWAT-E ESLĀMĪ (The Islamic call), a monthly religious journal published in Kermānšāh from Jomādā II 1346/November-December 1927 to Tīr 1315 Š./June 1936. Beginning in the fourth year only ten issues were published a year, with a religious treatise substituted for the other two. The first issue was identified as number 3, apparently because the publisher and director of the magazine, Sayyed Moḥammad-Taqī Wāḥedī Bodalā, had previously edited two issues of another religious journal, Kowkab-e daraḵšān, published by Mīrzā Aḥmad Jawāherī Borūjerdī. Wāḥedī was a preacher and director of the Moʾassasa-ye dīnīya-ye daʿwat-e eslāmí (Religious institute for the Islamic call).

Daʿwat-e eslāmī was identified on its title page as a journal of religion, Koran commentary, ethics, and criticism, and its editors were interested in refuting the arguments of Christian and Bahai missionaries. Poetry was also included. The title page occupied the entire front cover and included a list of the contents of the issue, as well as a verse from the Koran related to amr be maʿrūf (q.v.). During the first two years most issues contained twenty-four pages, but later they consisted of forty-eight single-column pages measuring 16.5 x 21 cm. The journal carried no illustrations or advertising. An annual subscription initially cost 12 qerāns, but when the format was changed the price rose to 25 rials. Runs of this journal can be found in the Central Library of Tehran University, the library of Āstān-e qods-e rażawī in Mašhad, and the library of Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey.



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(Nassereddin Parvin)

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