DĀNEŠKADA-YEEṢFAHĀN, a monthly literary journal and the organ of a society of the same name, published in two series in Isfahan by the poet and calligrapher Mirzā ʿAbbās Khan Dehkordi Šeydā (1299/1882-1328 Š./1949), who, in 1908, also published Baladiya-ye Eṣfahān (see Baladīya). The first series ran in seven issues from Dalw 1303/January-February 1925 until Jady 1304/December 1925-January 1926 and the second series in five issues from Tir 1313 Š./July 1934 until Farvardin 1314 Š./March-April 1935. Assistant managers of the paper were Moʿmenzāda and Abu’l-Ḥasan Qomi (1st series) and Moḥammad Khan Sepāhāni Šivā (2nd series), who is referred to as the chief editor (sar dabir). Dāneškada-ye Eṣfahān was devoted entirely to literature, especially poetry in the classical style, mostly composed by the members of the Anjoman-e Daneškada. The embellished prose of some of its articles show influences of the style of past masters. It was printed in forty single-column pages of 17.5 x 22 cm. It did not carry pictures or advertisements. An annual subscription cost thirty qerāns, twenty-five for students. Single issues of the second series cost three rials. Complete sets of Dāneškada-ye Eṣfahān are kept in the Central Library (Ketāb-ḵāna-ye markazi) of Tehran University and the Central Library of the University of Isfahan.



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(N. Parvin)

Originally Published: July 20, 2002

Last Updated: July 20, 2002