CARPETS, (qālī; Ar. and Pers. farš), heavy textiles used as coverings for floors, walls, and other large surfaces, as well as for various kinds of furnishing.

i. Introductory survey.

ii. Raw materials and dyes.

iii. Knotted-pile carpets. Techniques and structures.

iv. Knotted-pile carpets. Designs, motifs, and patterns.

v. Flat-woven carpets. Techniques and structures.

vi. Pre-Islamic carpets.

vii. Islamic Persia to the Mongols.

viii. Il-khanid and Timurid periods.

ix. Safavid period.

x. Afsharid and Zand periods.

xi. Qajar period.

xii. Pahlavi period.

xiii. Post-Pahlavi period.

xiv. Tribal carpets (See also Baluchistan v. Baluch Carpets).

xv. Caucasian Carpets.

xvi. Central Asian Carpets.

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Originally Published: December 15, 1990

Last Updated: December 15, 1990

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