BEDŽỊZATỊ (DAUỊTỊ FỊRT) ČERMEN (Russ.: Chermen Begizov), b. 4 January 1899 (old style, 23 December 1898), d. 20 January 1941, Ossetic writer. Čermen was born in South Ossetia, and received his education at the seminary of Tbilisi. After the establishment of Georgian Soviet power in 1921, he became a prominent figure in the intellectual life of South Ossetia, engaging in agitation and in publicist work; in the years 1924-26 and 1928-31 he was the editor of the periodical Xurzärin (Dawn), and later, in the 1930s of Fidiuäg (q.v.). At the same time he wrote poetry, short stories, and a couple of plays, all in the revolutionary spirit of the period. He fell victim to the Great Terror in the late 1930s, but today his works are again in high esteem and widely read.



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(Fridrik Thordarson)

Originally Published: December 15, 1989

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